In the last past month I've been up to a little something different, I been working as the "teacher's model" for Anatomy Trains up the coast, just north of Damariscotta. There a man named Tom Myers and a bunch of extraordinary people continuing this work have developed a schema based on Ida Rolf's Structural Integration protocol called Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI). My participation in this 12-series program I credit to good luck. Good luck and a some paying attention. I think it is the feeling of connection that I'm calling luck. 

I realized that what I loved was the studio, the study, the experiential learning room, the theatre, the lab - this was the sense I was following: an interest in, a love for, keep an eye out - a lazy eye and that alerted me to respond when an email drifted into my inbox.  

KMI hasn't disappointed. This modality diverges from the work we do in Cranio Sessions with an emphasis on movement. I climb on and off the table and change positions 6 or 7 times or more in a 90 minute session. What it shares is intelligence, subtlety, a profound respect for the human body and the human experience. I'm learning a lot.

As I leave the table at Anatomy Trains and move to our table the conversation expands - the tension and release that I experienced and that I have participated in with you in Cranio Sessions is organized. It is organized around fundamental questions: individuation and ultimately, consciousness. Here we might complicate, but to keep it simple we can say the body is a self-regulating system, each one of us has our own unique mechanisms responding to and expressing health- well, that's amazing! All of you have had this experience on the table. 

How does it work? There is a science and there is an art. As one partial art, I find it helpful to perceive the science of tissues and fascia and bones and systems as something that contributes to the art. Whereas the art is the listening to the individual, the knowing that is already there. 

We live in a world where we are constantly being invited to respond to stimuli far more than we are invited to digest it. This alone is reason enough to climb on the table, and as the body settles, shifts, changes, releases what we encounter there I believe informs the "luck" I was talking about in the beginning of this note. It is not so much the feeling of being in the right place at the right time but of being where and who you are, in conversation with your body, in agreement with existence. 

Please join me at this month's clinic or in a private session, and as we celebrate Mother everywhere we celebrate living. 


Lots of Love,