To garden is to weed. I've let my gardens grow a little wild. As much from over-busyness as from a hesitancy to edit, especially anything that flowers - weed or not. I think there is a metaphor for over-busyness in the clematis, which wasn't supposed to flower, but did and demanded ownership of the fence. 

The garden that I inherited 11 years ago has lost it's shape. The pathways are peppered with violets, false oregano, timothy and much that I can not name.  This wildness protects the possibility  of ---- is it not an interruption to pull? What looks like chaos is a deference to mystery, to unknown, to doubt. What's happened to form? Where is the body?

Last month I wrote a little bit about alignment, agreement, connection, luck: to be in agreement with existence - there we acknowledge and are acknowledged, we know that we are included, and loved - we are ourselves and part of something greater. 

This agreement is connection - wherever that is found. And imagination is another way of talking about mystery. Imagination connected to the body is form - we have a container. This is what we do in a Cranio session: acknowledge our aliveness and return it to purpose. Every cell has a purpose, yes? And no garden is ever the same as another. Where is that vital force we call heart, which invites us to choose a path and care for it?

This inquiry led me to Cranio - and it arrived first through writing. And this is why I have to share with you another play: Ours., home is an inner play with a distant chorus. Both the act of making a play and the content are in service to the unknown that we work with, that is working on us, a collective - something shared that asks for individuation, for participation. Here we make sacred by bringing into form, we shape the garden.   

There 's a lot of Cranio in the play, it is a ultimately a healing and it is pure magic, just like existence. You are invited to join me for the clinics this week and then as part of PortFringe 2017 Ours, to be performed at Geno's June 17, 20 + 22. 


As always, LOTS of LOVE