It's interesting the way we find our way to things, places, people - it interests me. Life does not take the shape we expect, or insist on - through will or prayer or however you chose to go about it. And it takes a long time to recognize the shape that is being offered. This is the mystery we live with, the many mysteries.  

Most of my life I've worked with the mystery of illness and trying to find my feet. I use art, science, and magic.  We all have different definitions for what those things are: illness, art, science, magic, feet, time. When I found Cranio something made sense. The techniques of craniosacral therapy give access to the interior while connecting with the floating world in a reality that before I'd only found in art - here it is, we are living it. 

The healing potential in this practice is immensely beautiful. We need trust, patience and experience - life experience - we all have that. 

Enter stillness.