Molly's work is both subtle and direct in its simplicity. She brings a great sense of ease to her sessions and a very empathetic heart. She is an artist as well as a healer. She has an intuitive understanding of the creative process and opens herself to that flow in her craniosacral work. She is aware of the great mystery of what she does, truly humble. She knows that some things are beyond words and is willing to let silence do its work, but if I had to describe a session with Molly I would say it was like the best poems: open to images from spirit, yet contained enough to give them a form, full of wisdom and heart. During my sessions with Molly I was outside time. After, I was more firmly in it, grounded, present, and grateful. Aside from all that, she helped me release the tension in my jaw!

-J. Lighty

Molly’s sessions were a part of my daily life before I moved out of town and they helped me immensely with the transition.  I marvel at the magic of craniosacral and am grateful for Molly’s adept channeling which made me sure she had at least four hands.  If you are lucky enough to live near Portland, go in for a session with Molly!  You’ll be nourished by a creative spirit and surprised at how deeply restorative and cleansing the method is. 

- Melissa Rosario, Ph.D.

I have received the healing benefits of craniosacral therapy from Molly on a number of occasions, and with each successive session I have had, I have felt the effects to be deeper and more lasting. At the start of each session Molly took time to discuss my physical and emotional state in order to uniquely tailor the therapy to whatever I was working through. The result of the therapy for me feels akin to pressing the "reset" button. At the close of each session I experience a return to clarity of mind and wholeness of body and leave feeling as if all my pieces have been put back together.  

 - Sarah K. Graves

Craniosacral sessions with Molly Hunt have been of benefit to me on a variety of levels. From a physical health standpoint, her craniosacral practice gently unwinds deeply held patterns of tension in my muscles. With light touch, lying on my back, it is really amazing how much tension can physically let go during a session. After monthly sessions over the course of 6 months, I feel a lasting sense of spaciousness and ease.  From an emotional and mental health perspective, craniosacral invites exploration of the inner landscapes. I find it both peaceful and energizing. Molly holds a sacred silence and a level of integrity that honors the journey within. She is both a partner and a guide in a practice that brings healing and openness.