A clearing

A clearing -  a place of respite, a field between forests.  There is something in travel, in retreat, in stillness where we can see where the connections have been made, and where, perhaps, we might want to build something else or come in another way. These insights don’t come easily. They are hard work, they can be uncomfortable and they require trust. Trust in what? In a process? In one’s self? In something beyond oneself? In a collective? There is a moment when trust is a choice. And then there is the experience that follows. Who do you meet there: what shade? what prophet? 

More often we are not conscious of these transitions, this aligning and realigning. Even if we do see it happening, it can feel like absence. This, especially when working the grip of compulsion or repetition, trying again and again, wanting so much for things to go our way - a vague sense of what that even means, or the desire that preceded it and brought us to this place we are calling an edge. When, where, how is the discovery made? With patience.. with acceptance, with curiosity - acceptance to look at the thing that appears, and not to arrive before it does. Ultimately, with imagination. Travel forward with the momentum of longing and we are met with retreat.  What we learn is that alongside the rapid pulse of urgency there is an equal invitation to pause, to watch the preference fall away, to watch what it does: how it behaves without you, how your own heart responds— THIS is the place where you take your time, where we find the connection and the break, where we keep looking. 

After five days of 7.5 hours a day with head bowed in Cranio Sacral sessions, I’ve learned something. It’s not easy to go through, there is much to be untied, unhooked, re-made, re-visioned, beginning with my own expectations. How else, where else do we confront these desires, these ideas? How do we find our way to the very center of our lives? 

We practice. From ashtanga yoga Pattabhi Jois is quoted as saying “practice and all is coming”. I think I’ve misunderstood this — it is actually quite simple — all is coming — not that we arrive someday,  but that with practice there is a continuous coming, everything rises to meet us where we are - what is required is looking about, inserting oneself, participation in your own life. 

I feel more strongly than ever the power and potential of CranioSacral therapy. Not only is at an encounter with the mystery of existence, it is more than ever an encounter with our position in it. This psychic awareness is soul-making. In Cranio we enter through the somatic experience of the body - our very special container. Our one and only, our unique expression of being. 

With Spring arriving next week we are invited to renew, to keep what feels important and to discard what does not. How do we know? Lay down and listen, ask. What, when emptied, arrives - again? In this act we honor our selves and the world.

with much love, 



Hello Friends, 

Announcing our next Cranio Clinic: Friday, March 24 @ 12-6pm + Sat, March 25 @ 12-4pm

This is feeling like a special one: 

1.  We are rounding the corner to a well-deserverd Spring (listen for lambs);

2. I've just returned from a 5-day Residential Intensive Training (7.5 hours/day of head bowed in sessions, hands so alive we can wake rocks);

3.  And, it's our anniversary (3 cheers, 3 years of Cranio sessions!!!)

Upcoming Clinics: March 24 + 25 //April 21 + 22 //May 12 + 13  (Mother's day weekend)