Take Your Time

This feels like a special one.... they all do, I can leaf back and each time the feeling of being at the edge of something comes through, simmering. What's that - there? We might call this a perspective. 

Our next Clinic is on the calendar for Fri June 15 + Sat 16  [you can book sessions here]

and then again in August, a New Moon Clinic on Aug 10 + 11. There won't be a clinic in July because I'll be in Colorado. This came on like a big splash. I'd been pulling the judgement card out of the tarot deck over and over again and then along came a note: there's a spot for me in the Teachers Intensive, a month long intensive immersion into the philosophy, practice and meditation of ashtanga yoga with two remarkable teachers, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor.  This invitation changes the current daily into what feels like a grand teton, there's something ocean echoing in those mountains. There's an integration happening, out of what was and into... showing itself in the world. 

The phrase that keeps coming is "take your time". The phrase is really a reminder that this is, after all, your time. It doesn't belong to anyone else. No one else can answer how to use it, at what rate, in what order. Take it, it's yours. Time is a complexity that is personal and emotional. Part of our work is creating a relationship to time. July will be a deep immersion into study and reflection and a re-orientation to the process of time - a reorientation to the process of self and the process of interrelation with other. 

The art of craniosacral, the art of yoga, the art of writing, the art of being, the art of health are all processes in relation to beauty, intuition and imagination. We are constantly relating to things known and unknown, starting from the inside. Both Cranio and Yoga are teachers, each time we get on the table we take our time - we listen, we fall to our knees at the sight of butterfly. What a thing to be alive in a world that is constantly waking and what a place to take rest. 

I am ready and available for Cranio sessions throughout June  (away from July 7 - Aug 5). You can check my online calendar here, alternately you can text/call to book and we'll find something.  

I look forward to seeing some of you soon, continuing to work this edge of beauty, rest and waking. My commitment to these practices is equal to the honor and humility I feel in being able to do so. 

I'd like to close with a link to an interview that I enjoyed recently - I've listened to it 3 or 4 times and get something different from it each time. Carlo Rovelli a physicist is interviewed by Kristin Tippett here. One of the themes of the interview is that the stuff of the world is not heavy matter or things, it's interaction. In the 18th century we understood the world in terms of matter, in the 19th century we said it was energy, today in order to think in terms of quantum gravity we describe the world as something that is made of interactions - it is relational; the world is not things that remain through time, rather it is made of "happenings".  That makes sense to me. 


Sending Lots of Love,