A cabin in the woods

I’ve been watching how moments change. It seems obvious, obvious to say, obvious to see. But there is something that comes with the watching. And it’s not all that comfortable or that obvious - it asks for watching, too. 

It’s interesting that moments of discomfort seem to bring in walls and sofas, shingling up the exterior - what’s it gonna take to get out here when clearly, obviously, there’s no way out! That thought: there’s no way out - I call them visions of impossibility, there’s a clue in there. Someone has been living here for a long time, a cabin deep in the woods, no keys, too dense for sunlight, except in a certain corner at certain corner of a day. I know this place well, probably have for lifetimes. 

And then there’s something else, wait a day, an hour, a week and the mind takes up residence somewhere else. There are flowers and open windows and sunlight and plenty to eat. Doubt and grief and shame have left their coats on the bed in the guest room and are out in the yard watching bumblebees land on violets. Is there a totality here, too? A reminiscence? Is it fleeting? Perhaps. And the fall to follow, also certain? More clues here.  

There’s talk of a place called the middle-way. In Cranio we call it the mid-line or the mid-tide. There something mysterious about this place of no-thing - that doesn’t bubble with euphoria or simmer with despair, it just is - mysterious and deeply familiar. What’s there, who’s there, who’s home, who isn’t? Here we work with our energies, our OWN energies, we work to recognize them, listen to them, we practice ease. It’s sacred ground for sure. Keep returning, keep coming back, it’s never not there, but sometimes we aren't, sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s not. Everything is welcome - the coats on the bed, the shingled box. I am host and learn to take care. 

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And Happy Mother’s Day to all - mother takes so many forms and includes us all.  

Lots of Love,