the shelf


Sometimes change happens suddenly, or it feels sudden - we’ve been going along, looking at things, stopping to touch the shape of something, the slope of a curve as we walk by, there's something on a shelf, an antler, keep going, walk by again, add a vase of flowers, daisies and buttercups, empty it after their heads begin to nod, bring in a lily, queen anne's lace, always walking by and looking. One day the shelf breaks. I wasn’t even in the room, I came home and there’s water spilled, daisies spilled, a book is wet and where there was a shelf there isn’t, in its place there is an opening.  

That didn’t happen, but it could. We could call that kind of shift disruption. It is the energy of chance, of change, it can feel abrupt, structures are pulled down and asked to be replaced. What do we do now? With a wet book? Is something missing or has something appeared?

Both, of course. 

Many of you know that I have a quiet dedication to the practice of ashtanga yoga, and much, including Cranio was rooted in those waters, for dedication is not about standing still.  It has come to be that my long time teacher and friend has made a change in her life which ripples a change in my life. Beginning Sept 1, with much love and support, I will be adding my name to the lineage of studio 72. Our friend Jennifer departs to Boulder and we are invited to carry on and contain, something is passed down, something is shared, something begins again. 

It’s not quite like a vase falling off the shelf, it’s not quite like falling out of pasasna, but it is a little like what we meet in our craniosacral sessions. The sun goes behind a cloud and we feel a breeze. There’s change. I write into it, kneel down, carry on and work. There will be more, that I promise. 

Then, what to do with a wet book? An imaginary wet book? Wander out into a field and find a tree, it’s still summer, the ants will find my feet, listen. Listen for the shape of what is here, what was, and what’s to come, while the sun dries the pages. 

Lots of Love, in daisies,


And for your listening pleasure on all those summer drives. I nearly had to stop the car and run around for listening to this one, so good!