Leo Love


It's February. On this we agree. Culturally, we give this month to Venus in the form of Valentine's day - a pledge to romantic love - courtly love, specifically, which if you peer under the covers is actually a tradition of pledging undying love to someone or something unattainable. Courtly love wrote long letters, made beautiful paintings, teased by the switch, the sting of Romance with a capital "R": impossible love. Ah, sigh..

In the Zodiac, February belongs to Saturn. With Saturn we are less about pleasure, ornament and sips of Maderia and more about hard work, Aquarian hard work. But it is not so simple, is it? And these are stories, a mythology which provides  us with some structure to work within collectively. They are the dramas of gods and humans, birds and beast - multidimensional, interstellar.   

This February, 2017, we encounter both a lunar eclipse on the the full moon of feb 10 and solar eclipse on the new moon of feb 26. Eclipse - just like its sounds - are agents of change - transformers of energy.  

I've been wrestling with this month's announcement. Things are shifting underground.  We hear: what's the plan? what's the course of action? - or wait, even before that - what's the feeling? A roar! 

What are we talking about when we say "healing"? Is healing a trajectory, out of alignment with a past toward a future? Or is healing a present tense?  

On what do we agree? Is agreement essential? Is there the suggestion of division? And what does all this have to do with bodywork?   

What happens when we agree to lay our bodies on the table? Or wait, back up again, what happens BEFORE we get on the table? What happens to our hearts? What are we seeking and what is the promise? To ourselves, to others, a promise from? To look at these questions as places, landscapes that inspire, before instruction, and before we are moved to action - 

It is this filament, this tornado of dust that so irritates - but is US - is human. It is impossible love and something very close to home.  

For me, a session is an an experience of an "is". The questions I've asked continue to exist, but the confusion is suspended -outside time. And with this comes courage, comes strength, comes capacity. To each our singular purpose and collective gift. Steeped in Love, Bhakti. 

Please join me for "Clinic" sessions on FRI Feb 17 +  SAT Feb 18th orANYTIME for "Private Sessions"

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I'm here in Maine most of the time. At the end of this week and early next I'm in Providence RIgiving sessions - please share if you have any RI/CT folks who you think might like to work. Come March, with a little luck, I'm hoping to spend a few more hours in New Mexico.  

Lots of Love, big Leo Love,