CLINIC SESSION:  a "clinic" session is 25 or 50 minutes of bodywork. In these  sessions we engage simple holds to facilitate unwinding and realignment of bones. Clinic sessions are designed for accessibility, they provide an introduction to Cranio Sacral work and an introduction to working with me as practitioner.  Clinic sessions are also designed for affordability.  Review and assessment are not always offered during Clinic due to time constraints. It is best to schedule in advance to reserve a spot. 

PRIVATE SESSION: in private sessions we work longer, typically 60-70 minutes, and deeper. In these sessions we have time to work together to address deep patterns of holding and to set a course for treatment. A commitment of 5-6 sessions is recommended to actively address an issue, either chronic or acute. 

Preparing For Your Session:

Plan to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing. You will remain fully clothed for the session (even socks if you want 'em) supine on a massage table. 

What To Expect During A Session: 

Sessions are deeply relaxing, and you are encouraged to let yourself be as comfortable as possible. It is not unusual to fall asleep or to fall into a state similar to  just before falling asleep. There are often involuntary releases throughout the body, twitches or changes in breathing or temperature as energy moves through the body. This is all normal and not cause for alarm. Sometimes a strong image or an uncomfortable emotion can arrive during a session, it is important to share this with me as it may effect our work. Sessions are typically conducted in silence, but laughing is always encouraged! 

After A Session:

I recommend allowing yourself some time, without rushing, before returning to your daily activities. Drink plenty of water, and give yourself some time for reflection. 



The cost of a full session (60-70minutes) is $80. It is important to me that sessions are affordable and accessible to any person interested in receiving this work, please contact me if you would like to discuss cost. 

There is a clear benefit to consecutive sessions, the body is able to retain the work done in sessions and access it more quickly. For those who would like to purchase multiple sessions in advance I have  also offer packages:

3 sessions for $220

5 sessions for $350

*packages are to be used within 3 months of purchase