Sometimes it seems like there is a goal in the asana practice - flop my arms over in prasarita c, or scoop back from bhujapidasana - and this goal is connected to feelings of accomplishment,  and just on the other side of that: a well deserved rest. This morning I was thinking that if the goal is really to rest, why not rest? What is the rest that is earned? Finally a delicious letting go, laying down in in the grass! As long as there is something in the mind that says I have to do this before I can rest then I will have to do that. Unless, I choose not to do that and then I will have to accept the result. Say: if I want honey for my tea, I'm going to have to get some honey. Without honey, the flavor will pale. 

However, it was Sunday. So I unfolded from janu sirsana, bowed, and lay down to do a few restoratives.